Feb 16, 2007

Method Board

Suraya Shara

Here is the method board that Shara n I already presented and submitted. We are focusing on emotion. As my part, Im concentrating at the center of the globe and the 1st level which is the Violin's room. While Shara is concentrating on 2nd and 3rd level which is woman with pears and three musicians. Honestly, the final printing is quite dissapointed cause off pixelated and I think A1 printing is too big to get the perfect image printing. Futhermore, during the critic session on JPEG image wont get perfect image after printing due to the above reason. And I hope lectures would consider on the final printing as it is impossible to get a perfect image as well as it is so costly. This is not included the frame and some of the student are not affordable on the expenses and it is still up to the lectures to decide it.
Now, we are concentrating on our 3D modelling and probably we are going to add in 2 more levels if the time is sufficient. We are trying our best to finish our modelling this midterm break and hope that we can do the final interaction after that. Hehehe...

p/s : so much to do... so little time :))