Jan 15, 2007


Another progress yang tak seberape... From top view , side , ar.... etc² ( tengok sendirik arh)

oh ya! i made a mistake. suppose my 2nd post progress should be sketches. So pandai2 sendirik lagi sekalik la scroll down :D

p/s: so much to do... so little time...

Jan 14, 2007


My research and ideation board.

So much to do... So little time...

p/s: ni fuad nye idea la ni soh wat blog

Project Brief

Title : Virtual Cubism Art Globe Theater
Type : Multi Level
Category : Entertainment
Target User : Art Lover
Problem Statement : Cubism art form are mostly not clear in delivering its message and usually interpreted wrongly by enthusiast, the 'Cubism a Virtual Reality Art Globe Theater' is a VR driven artwork which will be developed to venture into a new medium of delivering the art in dynamic form.
Abstract : Virtual Art Globe Theater was designed as a new entertainment resource for the local art lovers. It is an interactive virtual 3D painting that viewers are able to walk or to fly through the 3D painting to feel and experience the environment of the painting itself.
Viewers will experience the art in a surreal virtual world where the painting still and they are able to interact with art. Viewers also can feel the upbeat and hear the music as they view to better understand the environment of art and its place in the painting.
Objective : The Virtual Art Globe Theater provides a fresh new perspective on art educational. The program can help public to comprehend the expressionism of art which most people having difficulty to understand furthermore it give peoples an exciting new insight into art. By glimpsing to the paintings, viewers are able to understand the thousands expressions of art and the peoples who created it. This living breathing journey across the art of 3D painting takes expressionism into a bold new future.